Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Because life happens

      How many times in your life have you asked God or yourself "Why?Why ME?"..And you keep asking the same question like a broken radio, and don't get any clues.I got tired of asking, so I just sit here quietly and I'm waiting...for worse and worse.I still have tons of questions, who would bother to answer them?I'm barely keeping my feet on the floor, trying to make one more step and I'm looking for somebody to help me, to carry me thru this.The only thing I'm feeling is the darkness around me, the disappointment coming in my way, laughing so evilly at my weakness.No, definitely is not an awesome image, especially not one you'd be fascinated.You know, I've always thought the tough moments in life makes its beauty, it gets harder and harder to say it, not even to believe it.The point is, the tough moments define us.And they help us to cherish the happy, great moments much more closer to their real worth.How much would anybody be able to loose in their life to gain happiness, or peace, or whatever their own dream is about?
        All your life you live with your decisions.Your choices will follow you around no matter how far you would go.This is the scariest part...can I make the right decision?How would I know if that one's the best?Does it worth it?And how will I find out what's the best, if I have just one shot, one chance to get it right?I'm not in a movie to get it straighten up till the 2 hours end, so if I screw up how am I gonna fix everything?Yep, you'll say I'm smart enough to figure out things.Well, I might be smart, but here's another question: will I be strong enough to make it?To take the best decision, to be happy with it no matter what?...
      Happiness is never too far away, as long as you know how to reach it...Am I gonna learn one day how to catch up with it?....
...and all those wanderings because while life happens.


  1. Yes you will learn how to catch up..actualy you've already did that!...I 'm still wating for that mail you know?..I know it's hard and it would be easier if i was there to catch your fall...but hon..I AM!!!! there! >:D< i love you!! >:D<

  2. maDa, I promise i'll write ur mail today....hopefully, I can keep my promise.!:)Betty's on IV and they gave her a pump to give her the medicine directly into her system, so she won't have to drink it, she's all wires and stuff, complicated things:))....Anyway.....I gtg now, but I'll write u;)....>:D<didn't forget about u:)


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