Thursday, October 8, 2009


I have never asked myself how did I make the choises and how did I come to this point, but it's useless.Because I could never imagine me being other person, or making something different, or have some other dreams.I couldn't have ever been who I am without you.You, are the one who defines me, who stays right beside me and tell me "You can do whatever you want".
I am not going to tell everyone how wonderful you are, they might wanna steal you from me if they knew it.I am the most selfish person in the world when it comes to you.I know, when we started, you were the jelaous one, but I think jelaosy is contagious.It is amazing what impact just one person can have in your life.But much more amazing, is how that person walks into your life with just one desire: to be with you and he ends up doing for you more than you can ever imagine.This happened to me and I cannot be more thankful and more happy for it.

You are the one I think about every second, I wonder what panties wears, what makes your smile so irresistible, if you're hot or cold, what did u dream last night and how do you feel.You're in my mind when I decide what to wear today and you're the hero in all my bed-time stories. You're the only one who I'd like to watch a romantic movie with, and the one I'm not ashamed of to see me crying.You taught me dreams can come true, indeed, and yet, you were the one that usually make them come true.You are the one who called me just to hear my voice, when you barely knew me.You are the one that didn't promise me anything, but you gave me everything.Your presence is my inspiration, your arms know when to protect me, and when to love me.Your eyes can have a lil girl's world in them and your lips know me better than I do.You know where to take me, and you know when I'm faking a smile.
YOU know me.YOU love me.
I love You, too.
For You,
       from me. 

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  1. This is a beautiful tribute. SO much love is found in the words above. He is one special guy!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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