Monday, October 5, 2009


I'm sick and I feel like crap!I have a runny nose and I can't blow it(I know, it's funny to hear it, not to live it..), I can breath only with my mouth open(which is gross and my throat is dry and it hurts) and I sneeze(a lot)..well I have fever and I can't really stand up for longer than 10 min...don't ask where did I get it from, cuz I don't know.And like it's not worse enough, today I bit my tongue really bad and I can't eat...Isn't it awesome?Yes, I'm not really ironic here, but it's just weird how all bad things happen in the same time...It was a hard day for me, but I'm happy it's night again and hopefully, I can get some good sleep now...and the best thing: tomorrow I don't have to wake up early in the morning...
And speaking of sneezing ..take a look here and laugh a lil bit, it's pretty funny..aaaahhchooo!!!
I guess that's it for today...See you guys, and don't get sick`!!


  1. oh goodness girl!!

    i am just now getting over that!! i had bronchidis/pneumonia! it was quite the sickness lemme be the first to tell ya!
    i hope you feel better soon! eat lots of soup [tonuge permitting ;)]

    thank you for the last comment, it helped ALOT! i'm so glad i have you to ask advice from. i greatly appreciated. you have noooo idea!
    keep me updated on how you feel!
    love and hugs, jen.

  2. Praying you feel better soon.

  3. Sounds like the flu with the fever added to all the other cold symptoms. I tried Sudafed behind the counter at the pharmacy with phenylephrine as the ingredient. It isn't sold on the shelves because of all the drug abuse over the years so they have moved it to the back shelf in pharmacies and you have to ask for it by name. Same with the old formula Nyquil. Hope this helps you get better soon and at least breathing clear.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. thanks guys for your care, I feel better only when I see how many ppl care about me..:)God bless u all!I'll definitely eat lots of soup and drink a lot of tea, about Sudafed...ughh.. I hate medicines and all the stuff but I'll give it a shot`!I already took dayquill and nyquill ..
    Anyway, today I'm feeling a lot more better than yesterday(thanks God!) only my tongue is still hurting:))it's funny, I know, how clumsy could have I been to bite my tongue that bad..??:))I guess it happens..


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