Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Celebrate Christmas

          I love this time of the year. Carols, glowy nights next to the Christmas tree, decorations, time spent with loved ones, hot chocolate and cookies, warm socks and cozy sweaters. It’s all magical, while in the same time, everything can become chaotic and stressful. Gifts have to be bought, cards to be sent out, cookies to be baked, events to attend and on top of it, you want to stop and take in the moment, create memories. So, this year, I decided I will take it easy. I will stop and wonder at the snow falling (let’s hope we’ll get some pretty soon), I will stop and listen to loved ones, I will be patient and I will celebrateJesus. I will sing carols from the bottom of my heart, smile to strangers and I will be present wherever I am. I will tell people of the miracle of Christmas, and why this is truly the best time of the year. I will tell people of the angels singing, and shepherds rushing to see the King in a manger. I will speak of the star that led 3 wise men such a long way. I will stop. and awe in wonder of the miracle of Christmas. I will sing loud and clear that love has entered the world. I will drive around just to see beautiful lit houses, and spread joy around. I will celebrate Christmas with all I am, and with all I have.
          My wish for you this holiday season is to celebrate Christmas!

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