Wednesday, December 18, 2013

When you learn new things from unexpected experiences.

      "Please raise your right hand." (pause, while I do as asked) "Do you swear to say truth and only truth in this room?"

        "Yes!" The answer came automatically, while I was realizing this was the real deal. I was moments away from becoming a US citizen or not. I dodged the last thought, while focusing on answering the questions.

20 min later, I was already driving back home, with the biggest smile on my face: I am now a US citizen. The whole experience was such a great reminder for me of my true citizenship. My truest and most important identity, is my heavenly identity. I am a child of God. Just as any other country on the earth has their requirements to become a citizen, so has God. We become so suck into all "God is good. God is love. He forgives." that we forget god punishes the ones He loves. Or even worse, we I become so sucked in our schedules, dreams and ambitions, but we think "We're good, God! We're buddies.". This last 2 weeks were quite a battle for me. Untill this week, I wanted so bad to make a business with my cards. To have tons and tons of orders and all that stuff. I wanted it so bad, that I forgot the fun in it. I forgot my creativity doesn't stop with a sold or not sold card. I forgot to enjoy the process. I forgot that I can use my creativity to celebrate Jesus. It took 2 conversations with two dear friends and my naturalization interview to realize cards don't define me. I am way much more complex and valuable than some handmade cards. I'm not saying I'll never make cards again. I will, but I will not stop only at cards. I'll let my mind wander and do its "magic". 

And I'll do it all for Jesus!!! 

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