Friday, November 29, 2013

Some updates

         After I stopped a day to think of all my blessings, here I am stressing out "oh my God, totally forgot to think about a sale for black friday!!" or "Again this weekend will pass and I'll not have a chance to take pictures of the new products." And so on...

         I feel like a total idiot. It's not happy people that are thankful, it's the thankful people that are happy. I have to remind myself every minute to count my blessings, not dwell on my imperfections. 

         Today, I will celebrate!!! I'll celebrate the love I am spoiled with, my more than awesome husband, my first craftshow, and all the little steps I am taking. Because giant steps are scary. 

          While in the celebrating spirit, I'll share with you my newest reason to celebrate:
 my next craft show. It's bigger. It's scarier and deff not feeling ready for it. But I know it will be great!! So, if you are in Philadelphia area, on December 14th make sure you come and say hi! I would love to see you!!! 

So, what are some of your reasons to celebrate this month?

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