Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm Diving In

I was going to write today about faith, because Abraham’s faith amazes me. However, on Sunday I realized I am far from being ready to talk about such a vast subject. And the sermon I listened to inspired me to talk about digging deeper. Or studying. How many times do I spend time really searching the Bible for new meanings, new food for my soul? How many books did I read that helped my spiritual growth or taught me to be a disciple of Jesus? How many times did we read a passage and took only what’s obvious, easy to get to and basic? The sermon I heard was from Acts 5: the story of Ananias and Sapphira - they die after lying about their offering. It’s very known this passage, since I was little I remember people talking about how God punished them for lying. But, if you dig deeper, is so much more to learn from it: they not only lied, they wanted to look better by deceiving everybody to think they gave everything they had. They wanted a good reputation based on a lie. That’s hypocrisy (that’s what the preacher underlined the most). I won’t talk about hypocrisy now, otherwise this article will turn into a sermon (and being a pastor’s kid, that’d be too easy), but it seems God challenges me to dive in his word, not just play next to the shore. Like it was last time (read here), He proved me wonderful things are waiting for me once I dive in.

What was your recent discovery about God that took you by surprise?


  1. Every time I read a good christian book I feel refreshed and inspired . It's been awhile since I read one. I do need some refreshing ...:)enjoyed your post!

    1. I so agree with you, Erika. I'm currently reading The Screwtape Letters by C S Lewis. The book is so deep and so full of knowledge, that the reading is very slow, but every time I spend some time reading it, it just blows me away. :) I hope you'll find a new book to devour soon... :))

  2. Super Vio! Keep digging, it's an exercise!


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