Monday, January 9, 2012

lovely Monday


      We, my friend, we have come a looong way, you know. We've met during hard times, and I guess that toughness that we were showing was the actual meltdown of our hearts. I would have never thought on that day, in 9th grade, when I came to talk with you at the window, what will be after that one "hi".
      I thought I knew you. And you believed you knew me. but just then, afterwards, when we actually started to discover each other we realized... we're bonded. I wish I could write down all the sweet memories we had together. You know, we started from nothing and look at us! Such a friendship like our, that everybody is just amazed, and people are jealous.
     You are a gift for me. God's gift, to teach me to listen, to laugh and cry with the people around me. One of His ways to give me hugs and kisses throughout the everyday walk.
      Now, maDa, we're a long way from each other, but your love is so strong, I can actually feel your heart hugging mine. You're one of a kind, and having you as my best friend, is like having an extra life!

To you, dearly, lovely, maDa!

to our friendship - for the years the passed and the ones which will come.

Love you,
nami. :)

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