Tuesday, January 17, 2012

friendship - what is that?

photo by me, via Flickr.

               how many nights have I stayed and wonder what is it, actually? I have lost their count, but of course, the friendships that I have made over the years is what counts.

            A friendship is when you come to know a person and you disagree with some (or many) of his/her opinions but you cannot be mad at him/her. You are mad because there are moments when he/she is completely wrong in their thoughts and acts. Then, in those moments you're mad because you cannot make decision in their place - that way, you'd be 100% sure they'd save some tears, or even a broken heart. A friendship is when you spend more and more time together and you feel the opposite way. Friendship is when you stay in the sun so you can get burned tanned and is so quiet around - then go home and tell everybody how much fun you've had... and you're not lying.

           It's hard to make a friend. And, as many other things, it becomes harder and harder to make new friends as you grow old. It was made to help you understand God's love, but it can be dangerously destructive. It can easily bring you to nothing in seconds, when minutes ago you were the everything.
           It's even more harder to keep a friend. It takes a lot of courage to give up sometimes just to not start a fight. It requires a lot of your time and as you start full-time job and have a family, friends just seem to fall on 3rd - 4th place on your list. And suddenly, people realize they have friends, but no friendships... or they have a friendship, but there's no one to call "friend".

A kid asked a fisherman which ship is the best kind of ship. The experienced fisherman answered without hesitation:  "Friendship!"

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  1. I cried like its raining now in Scotland when i read this !!!! I felt every single word you wrote there.. and yes, i do remember the quiet from the garden .. the burning sun and late cool nights.. It all seems so yesterday, and they're so far away.. It was so easy back then when after 9 hours spent together i've founded myself home, packing next days clothes and jump in the bus to come stay with you cuz i was missing you...
    GOD GAVE ME SO MUCH BY GIVING ME YOU !!!! Our ship will never sink my lil sparrow ! :*


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