Thursday, January 6, 2011

the school of marriage

            Nobody told me I'll be learning that many things after I get married. First, it seemed to be easy. Then, the honeymoon came. And I forgot his pants, I took the conditioner instead of the shampoo, and some other small things. Then, he expected me to tell him what to wear. It just drove me nuts. I was ready to go out and he was waiting for me to tell him what to wear. I'm still getting used with that. On Christmas, we visited my sister. I forgot our toothbrushes: both of 'em. And I didn't put any t-shirts for him. I'm still confused what he would like to eat. Sometimes it feels like he's a big kid. For a second, I think that's stupid and I want to get mad. After two seconds, I just realize, that's what I'm made for: to take care of him, support him, encourage him, be by his side. To iron his clothes, put them together, cook for him, clean up, and so on. Because, that's my side of "chores". He has his own. And, when he has enough time to help me clean up, cook, or whatever, that's just sweet. It could be written a whole 30294 pages book about this, but I'm just trying to say that learning how to live in two, sometimes can be challenging, and you can forget pretty fast the fun part. But because there are some bumps in the road, it doesn't mean it's not fun at all. It's funnier and better, actually the best life I've lived till now.
            So, Hubby, please forgive me if sometimes I screw things up. I do my best for both of us. because I love you 


  1. like, like, like...
    btw, where is this 30294 number from?

  2. :)) It's just a random number.. I got that from Eddie... When he wants to exaggerate something, he says a super huge random number. So .. :) it runs in the family :D

  3. Wwwooooowwwww , I love you sweetheart so as you are. I'm the happiest husband on earth.

    Because you are my life.

  4. Love you too, Hon!! You're the best and living with you it's awesome

  5. wow, ce declaratii de dragoste aici!!!
    ies din camera, va las singurei, ca altfel e periculos pt mine:))))):)) :)))


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