Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy (late) Thanksgiving? ...

          While everybody is busy getting their holiday posts ready, decorating their houses nice, preparing food for Thanksgiving, traveling to see family or whatever else everybody is doing, I was so tired working 10h days so I can make up hours to be able to have Friday off.
          I've been working thinking a lot about my shop, trying new ideas, and wondering what would be the next best step. It's exciting to see people's faces when they see your work.
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          But, because this time of year we sit down and count our blessings, I'd like to list some of my blessings this year.

          I'm thankful for God's provision. Finally, this year we moved to our little place, and as every day goes by, we can feel God's guidance and see that this decision was a wise one. Every sunrise I see on the way to work, I thank God for His presence in my day. It's like He's smiling at me, assuring me it's gonna be a good day, no matter what will happen.

          I'm thankful for creativity. It's wonderful to explore, learn, experiment, and in the end see the amazing results of your work.

          I'm thankful for my hubby. Because he's mine. all mine. and he's awesome. and handsome, on top of that! (score!!) - I'd have to write an entire post why I'm thankful for my hubby, so I'll just stop here.

          I'm thankful for friends. In the last year, I've realized how great it is to have 2-3 friends that you can talk with, share your concerns, encourage each other, have fun and so on. Grow up together. Challenge together.

          I'm thankful for the ways God choses to teach us new lessons every day. You criticize someone else's lack of something, but at the end of the day, you realize you're not better than him/her.

         I'm thankful for today's technology. and all the good ways we can use it. Keeping in touch with friends, marketing your ideas, selling and buying so on so forth.

          I'm thankful for trials. They make us stronger. and our faith bigger. and take our trust in God to the next level. 

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