Monday, November 12, 2012

Another beginning...

          For a November day, it's very sunny and warm outside. The kind of days that you enjoy your cup of coffee, trying to work, with an eye to the window, wishing you could just go dive in a pile of leaves. But I'll stay here for a while... I have something to share with you.
          Last year around this time, my hubby told me one day: "Why don't you start making cards and invitations if you really like it?". I made our wedding invitations, our Menus and table numbers(they were 2 in 1), our place cards at our wedding. So that made me thinking...

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          I didn't know where to start from, but with help from friends (Erika at Shine On introduced me to etsy community - thank you, Erika!), encouragement from my hubby and tons of moments of discouragement, creatinkart was born. How I like to call it, the place where paper gets fancy. Where the magic happens - a small piece of paper becomes a way to share a smile, to tell stories, to remind others how loved they are. An invitation to your birthday, to a girl's bonding party, to a baby shower; even a wedding. This framed little princess dress is just one of the items in the store. Curious?.. Take a look!!!... Afterwards, I'd be glad to hear your opinions. In the end, I'm making them for you... :) 

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