Tuesday, February 14, 2012

love makes it happen


A while ago, I started a blog series about friendship - I usually post it on Mondays, but because this week Valentine's on Tuesday and I had the best topic to talk about, I postponed it to today. 

               If you read my blog for a while, you know that I've been married for almost 2 years, and we known each other since I was 17(not that long ago, some would say!). Even though we started "dating" merely a month after we've met, this year is the first year when we're together for Valentine's Day. Well, we had a long distance relationship and then, after 6 months we got married I had to come to USA in order not to lose my permanent residence here. So that explains everything - hopefully. :)

              I know how it is to be single on this day, I lived it in high school when every single girl in my class received a teddy bear and a flower (the lucky ones would chocolate, too). Everyone but me. I know how it is to have a dear one, but to be far away - the sadness and depression can be huge, if you're not focused on God.

               Now, I want to talk about my darling husband - he's my best friend. He takes care that when I fall asleep to be properly covered (he knows I'm sensitive and get sick easily), he is patient with me when shopping, he cooks for me, he gives me massages. And the cutest thing?... when I receive a message at work from him just saying "I love you". He encourages me. He listens to me. And he's funny. He makes sure every morning to let me know in one way or another, that he'll miss me that day. He knows how to tell me without words that I'm important, and crucial for his life. 

             I didn't prepare anything for this Valentine's Day (I was too tired and exhausted), but having my loving husband next to me is the only thing I needed.

Love doesn't make the world go round, 
but it makes the ride worthwhile.
(F. P. Jones)

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