Saturday, February 11, 2012

follower |ˈfälō-ər|

                    This is a time when everybody does a lot of following. We like to call it "inspiring", because we like to think of ourselves as unique persons. So, we watch the latest fashion show, we scan the best blogs, listen to the radios, look at movies and we add a little something from here and a little something from there to our personality, or our wardrobe. We got to the point where there is a color palette released for each year, and the color of the year will influence our daily decisions.

And then, if you are lucky enough to influence an amount of people, you become a trendsetter.
You will be quoted, your ideas will be considered brilliant, your way of walking, talking, laughing, dreaming will no longer be just yours - since tons, if not millions of people will try unconsciously to be like you.

                  So, in a time like this, why is it a shame to follow Christ

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