Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Love Week!

I know, it's more likely a day, not a week! But my plans were this last week to be a Love Week. You know, that kind of week when you surprise your hubby every day with something, and you share your love, and everything is red and pink and butterflies in your stomach. Well, things didn't go like that. Didn't get a chance to decorate the house (I had a couple of very cute ideas) or prepare my gifts/surprises for Eddie, and to top it off - I was tired and grumpy the whole week! Take that, Love Week! However this whole week Eddie truly, deeply loved me in the midst of my mess. He was patient with me, he forgave my outbursts, he didn't hold any of those moments against me. (Yes, I am bragging about him now.) Even more, he waited me with dinner on the night I get really late home. I'm sitting in my living room now, in the dark (only one candle lit in the whole house), surrounded by calming silence, reflecting on the past few days. How childish my behavior in contrast with Eddie's! But he still loves me. I understand now that my attitude this week could have easily been changed with a moment of meditation. To honestly search my heart and pray for an attitude change.
Unfortunately, this kind of situations don't happen only in family life. I get so hooked up on job, errands, my hobbies and my wants that I put my needs on the back burner. My spiritual needs, that is. To pray more. To study more. To understand more. To listen more. Intentionally. Yet, God still loves me. He pays attention to me. Not only He knows exactly what I need, but He gives it to me. Every. Single. Time. The God that created the entire Universe. Do you know how big the Universe is? Infinite. True. But do you grasp this concept? It's huge. More immense than huge. You and I cannot contain it! And if you don't believe me, look for yourself. Go stargazing. Or even easier: do a search on Hubble Telescope. Still not impressed? Watch this video. When you'll be back (hopefully) to finish reading, you'll understand my amazement. I stand in awe that the Creator of all these wonders loves me so much that He gave His only Son to die for me. A small human. A wanna-be writer. An impatient wife. A faulty friend. There are stars out there that sing for His glory day and night, without stopping. And I constantly leave other chores or worries to steal my time from praising Him. From talking to Him.

This Valentine's Day, I've learned to intentionally make time for my Creator. To pray intentionally. To study intentionally. To listen intentionally.

To be more. Intentionally.

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