Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Perspectives - the joy thief

Comparison noun \kəm-ˈper-ə-sən, -ˈpa-rə-\
: the act of looking at things to see how they are similar or different
: the act of suggesting that two or more things are similar or in the same category
(Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

          This year, in my journey I’ve learned a few new things. One of them will be illustrated in the following imaginary conversation:

X texts to Y a picture with Z: “Am I bigger than Z?”
A couple is walking down the street. The girl: “Do you think I’m fatter than that girl?”

          Now, be honest and admit it – you’ve done it. I’ve done it! And most likely the feeling you get from it is not a satisfactory one. You don’t even feel better. It left me doubtful and hopeless. I’d start questioning my abilities to get to my goals – a step away from believing I couldn’t do it. I felt it would be hopeless to do all the work (eat clean and work out), anyway I might never look like that girl. Until one day, it hit me: It is possible I’d never look like someone else. I may always be bigger than someone. And that is OKWe are different human beings – why would I desperately want to be like someone else? I’d stop being me. My body reacts differently to all factors around me – and that is OK.

          To avoid the deceitful consequences of improper comparison, I have decided a couple of things for me:
* The only person I can compare with is my younger self. It feels infinitely better to realize last month I could barely run 90 seconds and now just ran 5 minute. Imagine how I’d feel if I’d compare myself with one that just ran a 5k (let’s not even go to a marathon).
* Look at people for inspiration, not comparison. There are a few people on Instagram that inspire me to keep going: @mollyrunsforlife and @eatingwhole are just 2 of them. It’s hard to look at people for inspiration rather than comparison, but staying focused is important: one inspires me to eat healthy (and gives plenty of healthy food options) and the other one finds such a joy in working out that is contagious.
* Be honest with myself. This journey is not an option anymore. I’m in the process of learning that smaller number on the scale does not equal happiness. Also, I’m keeping things real – if you do it right, you’ll see results. If I slack, I shouldn’t expect results.
* Accept myself. I know you’ve seen it all over the internet, but it’s true. If I don’t like myself now, I will never accept my body. It’s tough, but that’s what it makes it worth it.

What is your joy-thief this week?


  1. I'm with you. Not regarding my body, not right now anyway:) but when it comes to parenting and everythig that it involves..oh and blogging ...and house decor...oh I could go on for ages! Comparison steals your joy, thank you for reminding me that!

  2. Love the idea of identifying specific joy thieves! It's a hard lesson to learn, since as women I feel like we're constantly comparing ourselves all. the. time. You've definitely given me something to reflect on today Nami =)


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