Friday, March 8, 2013

A comeback and a round-up!

          Do you remember couple of weeks ago when I wrote about lists, schedules and the "overwhelmed" feeling? Well, should I start by saying my photo a day challenge did not go as well as I thought? Hmm.. It's pretty hard for me to follow through these days. But hey, I still want to share with you some cute pictures I've taken during February. I'm really working at getting organized and hopefully as the weather warms up I'll be out more to take more pictures to share with you. Because pictures are memories that last forever. 

          All right, I cheated, the bottom picture was not part of photo a day challenge, but it's a motto I recently learned on an online class I took. It's so empowering! 

          Did I make you interested on what other kind of pictures I post on instagram? Then, you go and follow me! Also, let me know you are reading my blog (it's always so encouraging when someone tells me they read my blog!!)

What motivates you to take pictures?

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