Sunday, January 24, 2010

When God made you ...

           It's been three years since we started to travel through life together, it seems an eternity long, and still so little time spent many unspoken thoughts, so many unseen looks.I am extremely happy I can share my life with you and only you.Never in my life have I felt such a cocktail of feelings, all leading to the same single person: You.I don't think even a drop of them is wasted.I've grown up with you in these last 3 years, I changed and I'm not sorry for that, I am proud I can say I still love you knowing you better.Actually, I love you more than ever and my love for you will never stop growing, because every second of my life I fall in love over and over again, with the same person.I am proud of all your successes.You cheer me up every time I see you, and your voice is the power I need to keep going.Your patience amazes me.Do you remember all those times when we had fun?.I do:).Ice cream is better with you and cotton candy gets much more funnier when we share it.The walks in the park, or through town are just awesome when I get the chance to hold your hand.I like when we go shopping together and you don't get mad waiting for me to decide what shirt fits you better.I like your face when you see a very expensive item.Sometimes I don't really like when you make fun of me, but you're so sweet in those moments cause I can see how u try to be mean but you can't, and your love for me it's so obvious then.I like how you look at me.And I wonder how can you listen to me talking so much nonsense?!...I love when you start to tell me little things about your life, things that make your day and I get mad at people who get you stressed or unhappy.I am jealous of every person who spends more time with you than I do.I feel the most loved person on Earth and I am the happiest I said "Yes!" and soon I'll say "I do!", too.
        I am the most blessed with you.I am extremely excited about our life together and I know, with God and you, nothing is impossible for me.
the song of the day is especially for  you.

I love you.

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