Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How do you handle it?

        How do you describe your life?Got the perfect job, perfect house, which you share with a perfect hubby and the 2 kids that now are gone for college?Well, that sounds nice, but my life is pretty far from that view.For the moment, I live with my parents in their house, my fiance is thousands of miles away, I go everyday at the same stinky job, I have no real friends around, and I try to plan a wedding which will take place half-way around the world.But you know what?...I dream.Dreams are my get-away escape.I have big dreams and I know, someday, they will come true.I just know it.I don't want expensive things, like the biggest house on the street, or the last model of Mustang, or whatever.
         I dream about happiness, laughter, peace.I dream about a small cozy place what I can call my own, to stay with Eddie and be happy together.The smile he puts on my face, the peace in my heart knowing I'll go home and he's gonna be there, these "simple" things that make life such a wonderful gift.I dream about that time when I will stay with maDa, drink a cup of hot tea/hot chocolate and talk all the nonsense in the world.I dream about music, well, not music, about listening to music with Eddie, dancing in the moon light.I dream about singing unknown songs with maDa, making up lyrics for the new songs and going crazy over some old song that brings our memories together.
       Yes, for now, my life IS a dream.A beautiful one.I know it's wrong, but I live in past an future.For me, this present is just a small part.I try to enjoy it, too, but I'm not really interested in that.I'm 100% positive, one day I'll miss this "present", but I want to remember it as "that time in my life when I learnt how to cherish friendship and how important it is to built nice memories".
      So, what do you dream about?!How do you built your memories?

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